In 2011, under the name "Dentists Appointment,"
we began with clothing for pets.
Then, in 2017, we opened a platform called DAN,
which stands for "something better, something new."
Through DAN, we introduce a wide range of products and services related to pets,
Including clothing, accessories and food,
In a new and innovative way,
Catering to both pets and their human companions.

DAN aims to be more of an "observer" than a "creator" who invents things that didn't exist in the world.
We observe and identify the needs that arise as we live alongside our pets, and introduce unfamiliar yet useful products and services.
We also strive to redesign and create products that need improvement,
with the goal of being more of an "observer" in this process.

DAN follows three principles:

1. Is it more useful?
2. Is it more beautiful?
3. Is it more innovative?

Innovation without utility doesn't endure,
and utility without beauty isn't cherished for long.
That's why, to be truly effective,
products or services must be both innovative and aesthetically pleasing.

DAN's founding goal is to introduce more advanced products and services to pets and their owners.
By "advanced," it doesn't simply mean something new; rather,
it's about setting an example and leading the way towards a life lived together in a more ethical and healthy manner
within the context of changing societal awareness and norms.