Value of DAN

Opening a platform called DAN, which means something better and newer in 2017 while starting with clothing for dogs under the name of Dentists Appointment in 2011, we are presenting products and services in various fields related to apparel, miscellaneous goods, food, beauty for companion animals and people living with them in a new way.

Rather than a "creator" who creates things that were not in the world, DAN wants to be an "observer" who introduces unfamiliar yet useful products and services by observing what we need to live with our companion animals, and to redesign and create products that need improvement.

DAN's three principles are

1. more useful
2. more beautiful
3. newer

New not useful ones are not long-lasting, and useful but not beautiful ones cannot be loved for a long time. So products or services must be new, useful, and beautiful at the same time to be used properly.

The goal of DAN is to show more advanced products and services to companions and their caregivers. We think that progress is not just a new thing but a way of presenting and leading the way in which we live together in a more right and healthier way in social awareness and change.

This feeling is also good.

DAN will not force customers by saying "this is the best" or "this should be." We would like to respect customers' various values and preferences and introduce various ideas and tastes as "this feeling is also good".

"This is the best" is a way to express the brand's identity firmly, but we think it is hard to convey new changes and values. So DAN will be a platform to introduce more colorful and fun products and services through "these feeling and personality are also good".

DAN, which respects various tastes and personality, is like a complex table filled with numerous foods, but with its flexibility, aesthetics and novelty in it, it will show you a more colorful brand.

At present, DAN shares products, services and ideas with more than 200 partners in Korea and partners in various cultures, including Asia, Europe and the United States and also handles more than a thousand products including clothing and miscellaneous goods, beauty and so on.

We will continue to stick to a firm belief of a new, useful, and beautiful products and services for companion animals and people living with them.