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It Churros filling Gift set (~22.06.14)
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Fitpet_It churros Gift Set

Churros-shaped, delicious dental gum that removes plaque and tartar for dogs.
Air Holes and Protuberances Help Scrape Off Plaque and Tartar From Between Teeth

DAN's Check Point

  • "It" is a healthy and delicious snack brand studied and suggested by veterinarians.
  • It contains natural ingredients to help oral health and nourishment.
  • The chewy texture makes it relatively comfortable for young friends, old dog friends, and tooth-weak friends.

  • Itchurross can help relieve for pet's stress by chewing for a long time,
    so it is good for dogs who eat a little faster as well as for medium and large dogs. 
  • Let them enjoy various shapes and textures as a new snack.
  • Twelve bumps and innovative blisters will scratch every nook and cranny of the dog's molar that is hard to reach with a toothbrush.

Dan's Tip

For those who have a small body or mouth, please cut it into small pieces.
For dogs whose teeth are weak and hard to chew, please soak the snack in water and give it to them.
If it's the first time eating it, please hold it with your hands and watch your child's reaction and help them to eat it safely.
If your pet don't like brushing teeth, please put toothpaste or Plago on It churros and improve oral care.

* Recommended dialy amount 
~ 9lbs: 0.5pcs, 9~22lbs: 1~1.5pcs, 22lbs~ : 1.5~2pcs


Net WT

700g (35g*5ea*4pack)

* Precautions
· It is for pets, so do not feed it except for pets.
· Stay away from high temperature, high humidity and direct sunlight, and keep it out of the reach of children.
· After opening the product, refrigerate and pay as soon as possible regardless of the expiration date.
· The white ingredients or dark points that are sometimes visible on the surface of the product are part that can be
seen due to the nature of the raw materials, so please feel easy and feed it.
· Puppies with less than 6 months of young dogs or weak digestive systems need some attention.
· If puppies vomit and have diarrhea after eating this product, please stop feeding it. If the puppy does not improve
after half a day of checking the condition, please consult with a veterinarian.
· Due to the nature of the raw materials used, the color may not be even, but the quality is not abnormal, so please
feed it to puppies without fear.
· Feed only the right amount to puppies, because there is a risk of diarrhea due to overeating.
· Don't feed it to ruminants.
· Contact the place of purchase or customer counseling for the deteriorated product.


Rice, Pea starch, Pig collagen, Dried pollack powder, Soybean protein, Kangaroo, Beef, Potato Starch, Gelatin, Spirulina, Glycerin, Green tea extract, Turmeric, Seaweed extract, Coconut oil, Vitamin C, Fructooligosaccharide, Tocopherol

[Product name]
The itchurros Spirulina
[Actual weight] 175g(35g x 5EA)
[Form] Extrusion
[Use] A three-month-old to whole age

Shipping/Exchange/Return/Warranty Information and Notices

If there is shipping/exchange/return/cancellation information provided in the product description, it takes precedence over the following guidelines.

  • Delivery types and lead times may vary depending on the product's characteristics and delivery destination.
  • For some ordered or pre-ordered items, additional delivery lead time beyond the standard delivery date may occur.
  • Even for products from the same brand, they may be shipped separately due to different individual dispatch dates.
  • Additional shipping and return fees may apply for remote mountainous areas.
  • The shipping fees for the products vary according to the supplier's policy, and deliveries are not available on public holidays and weekends.
Cancellation/Return/Exchange Guidelines
  • For exchanges/returns due to reasons other than product defects, such as size or color changes, the customer is responsible for the return shipping fees, and in the case of free shipping items, round-trip shipping fees will be incurred.
  • Even though it may be inconvenient, if you wish to request an exchange or cancel your order after payment but before shipment, please inquire through the bulletin board or customer service.
  • We seek your understanding that order cancellations may occur after order completion due to factors such as insufficient stock.
  • If the order status is 'Product Preparation, it's possible that the shipment has already been made or the packaging is complete, and direct handling may not be possible. Please contact our customer service for inquiries.
  • Returns/exchanges are accepted within 7 days of delivery for unused items only.
  • Arbitrary returns are not allowed, so please be sure to apply in advance.
  • For product defects and incorrect deliveries, exchange/returns with free shipping are available. However, differences in monitor color, comfort, and personal size preferences are not considered valid reasons for return.
  • For some products, cancellation/exchange/return requests may be restricted.
  • Returns/exchanges are not possible if the product has been damaged or altered due to customer negligence.
Non-Returnable/Non-Exchangeable Cases
  • In cases where the product has been used or damaged, where freebies are missing, or where the product's tags, warranties, or accessories have been removed or lost
  • In cases where the sealed packaging has been opened, or the inner packaging has been tampered with or lost
  • When the product value has significantly diminished to the point where resale is difficult due to the passage of time
After-Sales Service Information
  • A/S criteria and availability vary by brand and product, so please make related inquiries through the Dan Online Customer Center

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